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The University Library began with the establishment in the name of G Shampa Library of the Karnataka Janapada Vishwavidyalaya in 2012. At present the library is housed in a temporary room at Academic Building on the ground floor and University has planned to build an independent permanent building for the coming academic year. The library is the liveliest place in the campus providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, and promotes discovery and scholarship. The mission of the Library is to facilitate the creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources and providing for value-added services. At present library has a rich stock of books to meet the intellectual and academic needs of both students and staff. The library subscribes to an adequate number of journals and magazines, daily newspapers which brings the most up-to-date developments in folklore, technology, Arts, Science and Social Sciences. The library is equipped with more than 12000 books of different disciplines; in particular one can find nearly 85 PhD theses (Published and Unpublished) of folklore and Kannada which are submitted to the various universities. It has a rich source of books which have been gifted from scholars and organizations, in this move we have books gifted from professors, writers and folklorists such as Dr M N Venkatesh, Prof. R M Girji, Prof. Somashekar Imrapur, Prof. H C Boralingaiah, Prof. E B Bilekall, many others. Many of the scholars are coming forward in order to gift the books for the library. The computer lab is provided with the 25 desktops in order to provide an online source to students, researchers and faculties. The Library is fully automated with library management software and all the books were bar-coded. The library is also equipped with CCTV for the surveillance purpose.